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Ch-ch-changes: Building a Sponsor Commitment in PPM Change Management

If you’ve ever attended our webinar about Effective PPM Change Management, you’ll know that a lack of change management practices is a common reason for a PPM initiative’s failure. People in a business meeting

Effective PPM change management can increase the likelihood that best practices are institutionalized. Essentially, it’s the management of the entire lifecycle of PPM improvements, to achieve expected business results.

There are many guiding principles for effective PPM change management, such as:
•    Whole lifecycle communication
•    Expecting, identifying, and managing resistance
•    Constructively addressing compliance issues.

For now, though, let’s focus on the importance of a visible executive sponsorship and commitment.

First things first: just how do you identify a suitable executive sponsor? This checklist covers a few criteria they should meet:
•    Are they ‘pro’ Project Portfolio Management?
•    Do they have the authority to fund the PPM initiative?
•    Do they have the influence to champion change?

The next step in your sponsorship search is to identify business objectives. Consider these questions:
•    What helps the company, and makes a potential sponsor look favorable?
•    How can you reduce the cost of project failure?
•    How can you reduce the time to market?

Once you’ve identified a suitable sponsor, it’s advisable to derive some business metrics from your objectives. From there, you can define achievable short-term improvement goals.

The next step after you’ve done all this ground work? Paperwork! Develop a solid, well planned business case, and prepare to ‘recruit’ your ideal sponsor.

If you’re interested in learning more about other principles of Effective PPM Change Management, sign up for our next webinar, or view a recorded presentation from Baystate Health that looks at the keys to PPM success.

What’s your experience with PPM change management? Do you have any tips to share?

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